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Professional Voice Over Artist Roberto Jolliffe

Let me tell you a little about myself:

Roberto Jolliffe -  is Panamanian and Puerto Rican, a prior military brat raised throughout several duty stations in the great state of Texas to include Fort Hood, Fort Sam Houston, & in Fort Bliss. He is a father of two beautiful girls, Jacey (2010) and Khali (2014) and new son Beaux (2020) .Strategic Innovation Advisor, and also performs Mobile Performance Testing. On his free time, he enjoys family outings, innovating, music, fashion, traveling, concerts, art exhibits, festivals, reading, and researching new technology. He also enjoys staying active, involved, and always eager to learn more for the betterment of himself, and his peers. The link below is a synopsis of efforts/projects he has created and/or working on; check out this link for my contenthttps://linktr.ee/robertovj3

I live in a new world where individuals have hybrid identities. I encompass all of my passions let it be art, fashion, tech and learning. My full time career is an Innovator that ideates and brings ideas to life. As a Community Curator that has built different brands such as Briefly Blunt and San Antonio Guardians, I utilize my network to connect individuals to people that have synergies to build together. I am a Professional American Male Voice Over Artist that lends my voice to help breathe life into my clients projects let it be cartoons, commercials, radio, television , broadcast, announcements and more. You can also hear me co-host Deeper Than The Cover Podcast. As an ESPORTS STEM Advocate, I enjoy mentoring youth/young adults and opening the door for opportunities in STEM and college using technology.

 CEO/Founder of Evntures appis a local uncovery and discovery app that facilitates the platform of alternative events. We help people find shit to do in their area. We help users find and post events that are true to their geo-location. This is the Craigslist for alternative events. Download the app herehttps://linktr.ee/evntures 



In 2019 he established an annual charity fundraising event for his birthday that is called "Berto's Boat Day Bash" with the intention to raise money every year to give back to kids of select organizations in need. So for the past two summers he rented out a Party Barge on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas for individuals to come have fun, network, and give proceeds to Communities in Schools San Antonio. Also He has launched this website BertoBoushae.com & BrieflyBlunt.com (that you are on right now) clothing line for his personal blog, and positive inspirational post called Briefly Blunt with Berto Boushae aka “Briefly Blunts”. He plans to speak at more events to enlighten people on the journey for Afro Latino in Tech and Corporate industry and show there are other lanes for people to navigate from any background! He plans to dive into more streaming and podcasts; he has acted as a host/moderator on Hollywood Hustlers, Curated By Us Podcast, and Ends With Benefits Podcastalso have been a few commercials and will be taking on voice acting more seriously. His goal is to not only promote diversity of color but of thought, because if we can think outside of the norm, we can spark the change that is needed! 

Check out some of the videos he referenced above on the bottom part of my home page in the Memorable Moments section.

Do not live life with what if’s, just that I did this” -Roberto Jolliffe.


Volunteers for Girls INC, 
Bachelor's in Business Management & Dual MBA program with an emphasis in Information Technology Management.
 IC2 Innovation Course Partnered with UT Austin (Fall 2016 Cohort).
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.
Scrum Master Certified.
Certified Project Manager Certification (CPM).
Actively practicing public speaking with Toast Masters.
ITIL V3 Foundations Trained


All Social Media @ BertoBoushae

Cell: (915) 443-1671

Email: robertovj3@gmail.com



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